*Saturday, June 05, 2010*

lol i'm back after dunno how many months..
it's june already
had this sudden feeling to blog again..
how should i start?

it all started when i was tapping my ez-link card one day
if it was me in the past probably a few months back
i would just tap when i got on the bus and not tap when i got down the bus
all i thought that well i'm a student anyway the fare would be the same
then it just hit to me a few days back
however reluctant i was
i managed to take out the ezlink card from my handphone pouch and tap when i got down the bus
i was quite amazed at first
but maybe i realised myself that i'm already getting older and 18 years old soon
mature already, lol sign of becoming a real adult soon

i heard many people say that when we get older, we'll not cry as much as when we were younger
but dunno why
i think i became more childish
whenever i watch tv i can just cry immediately
sad or happy i'll still cry
or is it because i'm in love now, i'm able to feel love more aptly than ever?

hustings is gonna to be held on monday
which is rather soon
whenever i reflect upon my duty as a comm member now and then
i feel kinda sad

no longer will i be able to help tkd members carry the hand mits for training
or stretch together with the j2s anymore
sometimes i wonder since
when did we develop the wonderful friendship together
it all happened too fast and went by too fast

once again how i wish time would just stop there forever

Beatrice played with the dog @ 9:49 PM

*Sunday, February 14, 2010*

first day of chinese new year today
sasha dropped her adult tooth at midnight
dunno whether it's a good or bad thing for her

today is valentines' day as well ;(

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*Thursday, December 17, 2009*

Beatrice played with the dog @ 10:24 PM

just came back from taiwan!

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*Tuesday, December 01, 2009*

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*Saturday, November 21, 2009*

Some really random photos!
Gigi at the vet waiting for her consultation! She looks quite happy right?
This photo was taken very long ago during PW..four laptops together..cool!
During TKD outing to esplanade!
nice merlion in the night!
My favourite monkey!

Winnie head on tigger's body! weird right!

Piglet's head on tigger's body! Evil!

Beatrice played with the dog @ 9:48 PM

*Friday, November 20, 2009*

hey yo!
it's been a long time since i blogged..
been pretty slack ever since PW OP is over..
dunno what to do..
TIP is coming!

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*Friday, November 06, 2009*

haha..just came back from Changi Airport..
didn't feel like going home straight after TIP practice
anyway, it's a FRIDAY night!
so took the mrt from tanah merah to changi airport terminal 3..
stoned at the airport from 8.45 to around 9.30pm
dun know why i like to stone so much nowadays?

Beatrice played with the dog @ 10:24 PM

*About Me*

Beat Rice Nai
17 finally
Yangzheng Primary
Zhonghua Secondary School
Temasek Junior College
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